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Summer 2023 Recently Awarded Grants


We are pleased to share a list of grantees from recent grant cycles.

We hope this provides insight into the breadth and depth of the scholarship we funded. Congratulations to all our grantees!


Education Against Enclosure
Ujju Aggarwal
The New School

Asian American Movement for K-12 Asian American Studies in Georgia Schools
Theresa Balmaceda Alviar-Martin, Sohyun An
Kennesaw State University Research and Service Foundation

Justice-Oriented Teaching for Scientific Sensemaking in Elementary Teacher Education
Amber S. Bismack, Patricia Bills
Oakland University

Making Sense of the Schoolification of Early Years Education in Public Elementary Schools
Christopher Brown
The University of Texas at Austin

Novel Applications of Digital Civic Storytelling to Measure and Reduce Affective Political Polarization in Civic Learning Contexts
Jeff Burke, Christopher M. Wegemer
University of California, Los Angeles

Revealing Practices: A History of Youth Privacy in America
Victoria Cain
Northeastern University

Examining the Impact of Legacy Costs on New York State Rural Schools
Gang Chen, Donald J. Boyd
The Research Foundation for The State University of New York

Relax, Breathe, and Do Math: A Comparison of Math Tutoring and Relaxation Training Interventions to Reduce Math Anxiety and Improve Multidigit Math Operations
Robin Codding, Robert J. Volpe
Northeastern University

Developing Teacher Conscientization Using Video-Cued Ethnography to Center Latinx Immigrant Parents’ Knowledge of Bilingual/Bicultural Development
Kiyomi Colegrove, Molly Ellen McManus, Christian E. Zuniga
Texas State University

Inhibitory Control Training for Anxiety and Math Achievement in Primary-School Children
Elizabeth J. Edwards, Annemaree Carroll
University of Queensland

Evaluating the Quality of Evidence on Racial Disproportionality in Special Education
Rachel Elizabeth Fish, Kenneth Shores
New York University

Can Dual-Certified Teachers Increase Access for Students with Disabilities?: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Allison Gilmour, Nathan D. Jones
Temple University

STEM en Familia: Latine Families Community Cultural Wealth during STEM Activities
Carlos Nicolas Gomez
The University of Texas at Austin

Exploring the Development of STEM Teaching Beliefs
Jonathon Grooms, Meghan Hollibaugh Baker
The George Washington University

Kindergarten Children’s Peer Culture and Funds of Knowledge in Their Engagement with Educational Robots
Sung Eun Jung
University of Arizona

Zones of Inequality: How Schools Shaped Modern Brooklyn
Judith Kafka
Research Foundation of CUNY on behalf of Baruch College

Towards an Automatic Moderation of Non-convergent E-Discussions Based on Disagreement Strategies
Yifat Kolikant, Oren Tsur
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Effect of Centralized-Admission School Lotteries on Between-School Segregation
Francisco Lagos
University of Maryland at College Park

Supporting the Creation of a New Professional Figure in Canadian Early Childhood Education: The Role of the Pedagogist
Nicole Land, Cristina Delgado Vintimilla
Toronto Metropolitan University

Investigating Educational Policy-Making and its Responsiveness to Challenges in the World. A Qualitative Research Study in Four Transitioning Contexts: Georgia (USA), Poland, Czech Republic, and Wales
Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz, Alma Harris, Sharon Subreenduth, Michelle Jones, Milan Pol, Bohumíra Lazarová, John M. Fischer
Jagiellonian University

Redevelopment and Validation of the College Sense of Belonging Scale
Jennifer Ann Morrow, Leia K. Cain
University of Tennessee Knoxville

(Re)assembling “Inclusion”: Perspectives of Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Srikala Naraian
Teachers College, Columbia University

Examining Key Factors in the Prison-to-School Pipeline: What Promotes Students' Successful Return to School after Juvenile Justice Confinement?
Amanda NeMoyer, Naomi E. Goldstein
Drexel University

The Educational Consequences of Excess Emissions
Alberto Ortega, Nikolaos Zirogiannis
Indiana University, Bloomington

Assessment of Methods for Soliciting Student Feedback on Teaching
Ann L. Owen, Erica De Bruin, Stephen Wu
Hamilton College

Models of d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Characters in Children’s Literature
Sara Parrish
John Carroll University

Development and Evaluation of High Variability Phonetic Training (HVPT) in World Language Classrooms
Alisha Reaves, Danielle Daidone, Silvina Bongiovanni, Ryan F. Lidster
Towson University

Charting Transfer Students' Information Search using Fully Integrated Mixed Methods
David Reeping
University of Cincinnati

Using Eye-Tracking as an Educational Tool: An Investigation into the Effects of Interactive Eye-Tracking on Second Language Vocabulary Knowledge

Andrea Revesz, Ana Pellicer-Sanchez, Marije Michel
University College London

Leading in Partnership with Families Towards Racially Just and Ambitious Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Jessica G. Rigby
University of Washington

Visual and Verbal Rhetoric about Teaching Profession in Chile: A Study on Social Representations about Teachers
Karin Roa-Tampe
Universidad de los Andes, Chile

(Re)Classifying State Higher Education Governance:  Examining How Policy Oversight Responsibilities Influence Postsecondary Attainment
Paul G. Rubin
University of Utah

Exploring Local Backup for Schools Targeted by the Anti-CRT Conflict Campaigns
Melissa Schieble, Amy Vetter, Laura A. Taylor, Aris Moreno Clemons, Michiko Hikida
Hunter College, City University of New York

Group Learning in Zoom: Highlighting the Effects of Social, Metacognitive and Instructional Design Factors on Learning Outcomes
Yael Sidi, Shulamit Geller
The Open University of Israel

Collaborative Inquiry-Informed Culturally Responsive Teaching for Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Elementary Students
Monica Gonzalez Smith
University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Examining Culturally and Linguistically Affirming Translanguaging Practices in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Intervention:  An Action Research Study
Gloria Soto, Michael T. Clarke
San Francisco State University

Using Machine Learning and Large-Scale Longitudinal Data to Identify Key Adolescent Social Determinants of Educational Attainment in White, Black, and Latinx Adults
Xiaoran Sun
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Examining School Psychologist Assessment Practices with Emergent Bilingual Students: The Impact of Arizona’s English-Only Legislation
Desiree Vega
University of Arizona

Transforming Educational Futures for Black, Latine, and Working-Class Communities:  A PAR study of Abolition in Education Justice Movement Organizing
Hirokazu Yoshikawa
New York University

Understanding Chinese International Students' Experiences of Everyday Racism and Mental Health Issues in U.S. Higher Education
Jing Yu
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Supporting Effective Implementation of Technology-Enabled Education in Rural Honduras
Alan Zarychta
The University of Chicago

Ethnoracial Disparities in Intergenerational Financial Support Exchanges and Young Adults’ Fulfillment of Bachelor’s Degree Expectations
Xing Zhang, Christina Cross
Arizona State University Foundation for A New American University


Postsecondary Education: Autistic College Students Experiences of Success (PEACES)
Bradley E. Cox, Brett Ranon Nachman
Michigan State University

Developing The Skills Needed for Living in a Diverse and Democratic Society: The Role of Liberal Arts Education
Allyson Flaster, Susan M. Jekielek, Kevin M. Stange
University of Michigan

Emerging Critical Infrastructures During COVID-19: The Role of PA School Districts in Supporting Vulnerable Communities During Crisis
Melissa R. Gilbert, Simi Hoque, Hamil Pearsall
Temple University

The Black Teacher Archive: Charting New Paths in Digital Humanities and the History of African American Education
Jarvis R. Givens, Imani Perry
Harvard University

Redesigning Virtual Schools as Networks of Care and Solidarity
Anne E. Jonas, Jean Hardy Bohaczek
Michigan State University

Thriving in College: A National Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) Students
Cindy Ann Kilgo, Jodi L. Linley, Alex Lange
Indiana University Bloomington

Teaching about Race, Racism and Racial History: Investigating Experiences of Educators in Chicago
Amanda E. Lewis, Maria Krysan
University of Illinois at Chicago

Merit Financial Aid for Low-Income Students and Social Mobility
Juliana Londono-Velez, Catherine Rodriguez, Fabio J. Sanchez
University of California, Los Angeles

Optimal Design of Experimental Studies Investigating Moderation and Main Effects
Zuchao Shen, Ben Kelcey
University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

Leveraging the AISES Archival Database: Mixed Methods Study on Native STEM Success
Tiffany Smith, Maria Ong, Nuria Jaumot-Pascual
American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Generating Queers: The Transformative Work of LGBTQ+ Intergenerational Dialogues
Nic M. Weststrate, Adam J. Greteman, Karen Allise Morris
University of Illinois at Chicago


Disrupting Dispossession: Teaching Palestine in Exile
Thea Abu El-Haj, Jo A. Kelcey, Maria Bashshur Abunnasr
Barnard College, Columbia University

Learning to Recognize Ourselves Through the Küme Mongen. Walking Towards Peace and Intercultural Coexistence in the Context of a New Political Constitution in Chile
Rolando Díaz Fuentes
Universidad de La Frontera

Addressing Disparities for Black and Indigenous Students by Eliminating Exclusionary Discipline in U.S. Public Schools
Richard Fabes, Evandra Catherine, Holly Patricia O'Rourke
Arizona State University Foundation for A New American University

Young People as Policy Actors: School Integration and Educational Justice in New York City
Alexandra Freidus
University of Connecticut

Property Sales and Residential Displacement of Black and Hispanic Children in the American South: Implications for School Mobility and Educational Inequality
Anna Gassman-Pines, Marcos de Almeida Rangel, Elizabeth J. Gifford
Duke University

Using Game Design to Examine Native Youth Perspectives and Address Educational Inequality
Lora Henderson, Susan Rivers
University of Virginia

Do We Really Matter? Unpacking Servingness and College Transfer Receptive Cultures through a Racial Lens for Undocumented and DACA Latinx Students at Hispanic Serving Institutions
Susana Munoz
Colorado State University

Curators of Educational Dreams: Girls of Color as Visionaries and Creators of Liberatory Art Spaces
Grace Player
University of Connecticut

The Role of Advanced-Level Mathematics Course Availability and Gentrification on Latinx Postsecondary STEM Enrollment
Elizabeth Rivera Rodas
Montclair State University

Decolonizing School Leadership across Transnational Spaces: Exposing, Disrupting, and Transforming Inequitable Colonial Regimes in the Work and Wellbeing of Black School Principals in Canada, Grenada, and Jamaica
Donna Swapp, Katina Pollock, Fei Wang, Annette R. Walker
University of Regina

Challenging Exclusion:  Mexican Americans, Textbook Reform, and Archive Preservation
Omar Valerio-Jimenez
University of Texas at San Antonio

“The Whole System is Rigged:” Citational (In)Equity and (In)Justice in Academe
Brittany Williams
University of Vermont


EYEPlay ADAPT: Expanding A University-Theater-School District Partnership to Support Early Literacy for Preschoolers with Diverse Abilities through Drama
Katie A. Bernstein, Jenny Millinger, Erin Rotheram-Fuller, Scott Marley, Lauren van Huisstede, Kathryn Perkins Brantley, Jennifer R. Gantwerker, Diane E. Salazar, Angela M. Edington
Arizona State University Foundation for A New American University

Cultivating Black Autistic Youth Agency in the Context of Police Encounters in Schools and Communities
Elizabeth R. Drame, Rechelle C. Chaffee, Denise Ross-Page
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Developing Research Capacity to Support the Assessment of Student Learning and Program Outcomes in Action Civics Programming
Carlos P. Hipolito-Delgado, Ben Kirshner, Shelley D. Zion, Magnolia Landa Posas
University of Colorado Denver

Something Inside So Strong: Advancing Black and Hispanic Students' Reading Self-Efficacy, Leadership Development, and Community Engagement through CDF Freedom School® Culturally Sustaining Academic Programming
Lanita Danielle Parker Moore, Nelson Brunsting, Kristal Moore Clemons, Emily A. Blacklin McCord
Wake Forest University

The Tribal Education Department Capacity Building Project
Alex Red Corn, Quinton Romannose
Kansas State University


This program was discontinued in January 2023. We are no longer accepting proposals.

Creating Public Methodologies for Reimagining Histories: Toward Justice and a Transformative View of the Possible in Education
Arshad Imtiaz Ali, Miwa Aoki Takeuchi, Natalie R. Davis
The George Washington University

Black Critical Theory (BlackCrit) Research Conference
Jordan Bell
The SUNY Black Faculty and Staff Collective

Research for What?: Dreaming Toward Quantitative Paradigms for Anti-Racist Transformation
Shanyce L. Campbell, Heather N. McCambly
University of Pittsburgh

Racial Justice and Anti-Racism Work in LGBTQ+ Centers: Creating a Shared Vision with Scholars and Practitioners
D. Chase James Catalano, Antonio Duran, Jonathan T. Pryor, T.J. Jourian
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The Demystifying Language Project Writing Conferences
Ayala Fader
Fordham University

An Interdisciplinary Convening on Using Intersectionality Theory in Quantitative Research: Seeking Shared Expectations on Review and Publishing Standards
Frank Fernandez, Bonnie Moradi
University of Florida

An Antiracist Research Agenda to Advance Restorative Practices in PreK-12 Schools
Thalia González, Amy Nelson Christensen, Miranda B. Johnson
University of California, Hastings College of Law

Moments & Movements: Challenging Asian American Invisibility in Racial Justice in K-12 Education Conference
Betina Hsieh, Roland Sintos Coloma
California State University, Long Beach

Indigenous Youth Work Conference
Katie Johnston-Goodstar
Division of Indian Work

Against Racial Essentialism in Education Research: Innovating Methodologies through Contestation
Marc Johnston Guerrero, Orkideh Mohajeri
The Ohio State University

Towards a Framework for Enacting, Honoring and Researching Healing Justice with Racially Marginalized Youth
Ben Kirshner, Solicia E. Lopez
University of Colorado at Boulder

Envisioning an Interdisciplinary Future for Special Education and Gifted Racial Equity Research
Catherine Kramarczuk Voulgarides, Maria Cioe-Pena, Rachel Elizabeth Fish
The Research Foundation of the City University of New York

The Sustainability Education Collective Conference Series
Samantha A. Lindgren, Jon Hale, Luis Rodríguez
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research With and About International Students: A Conference for Critical Conceptual and Methodological Considerations
Jenna Mittelmeier, Sylvie Lomer, Kalyani Unkule
University of Manchester

Participatory and Collaborative History Projects as Pathways for Knowledge Creation for Teaching and Learning Anti-Racism in Secondary Schools
Rhoda N. Nafziger
McGill University

Researching Education Decolonially: Towards an Indigenous Epistemological Trajectory in Cameroon
Roland Ndille Ntongwe
University of Buea

Asking the Right Questions: Designing Educational Research to Advance Equity for Indigenous People in California
Joely Proudfit
California State University San Marcos Corporation

Co-Creating Mental Health Education Research Initiatives for Advancing Racial Equity
Beth A. Robertson
The University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research (at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group)

Innovations in Measuring, Analyzing, and Discussing Race and Racial Inequality in Education Research and Journalism
Andrew Saultz, S. Michael Gaddis
Pacific University

Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies to Critique and Reimagine Teaching Qualitative Research
Stephanie Anne Shelton, Kelly W. Guyotte
University of Alabama

Innovating a New Generation of Learning Analytics for Educational Equity
Alyssa Wise, Fabienne Doucet
New York University

Conducting Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses to Advance Racial Equity in Education: A Convening of the Minds
Jamaal Rashad Young, Jemimah Young
Texas A&M University

Building Racial Solidarity Across Black & Asian American History in K-20 Education
Judy W. Yu, Vanessa S Leung, Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz
Asian American Coalition for Children and Families




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