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Recently Awarded Small Grants


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The Effects of Special Education on Crime
Briana Ballis, Katelyn Heath
University of California, Merced

Picturing Resilience: The Visual Narratives of Safety and Joy among Black Collegians
Ashley Carpenter
Appalachian State University

Precarity and Education: Examining the Experiences of Central American Unaccompanied Youth in California Public Schools
Stephany Cuevas, Martha C. Franco
Chapman University

Living in Tension: How Faculty and Staff at Evangelical Christian Colleges and Universities Support LGBTQ+ Students
Kaitlin Gabriele-Black
Salve Regina University

A Critical Race Content Analysis of Diversity in Children’s Books, from 2020-2021
Lorena Camargo Gonzalez
Sacramento State Sponsored Research

Resource Inequality Across U.S. Colleges and Universities: New Evidence from Old Data
Christopher M. Herrington
Virginia Commonwealth University

Focusing on Multiplicative Foundations to Enhance Access to Calculus
Andrew Izsak
Tufts University

Echoes of Racialization in Danish High Schools:  Teachers’ Creative Negotiations of Policy in Work with Muslim Youth
Reva G. Jaffe-Walter, Iram Majeed Khawaja
Montclair State University

Understanding the Lives and Teaching of Migrant Teachers with Undocumented Backgrounds through the Lens of Community Cultural Wealth
Yeji Kim
University of Missouri – Columbia

Reimagining Spaces of Learning and Border Crossing through Narratives and Inquiries on Migration
Wan Shun Eva Lam
Northwestern University

Interrogating the Alignment of Current Statistical Methods with the Theory of Systemic Racism
Michael K. Russell
Boston College

A Mixed Methods Examination of the Impacts of Climate Change Education on Students
Sarah Schwartz, McKenna F. Parnes
Suffolk University

Affordances of Makerspaces Influencing Biomedical Undergraduate Engineering Students' Design Learning and Curriculum Localization in Uganda and the USA
Robert Ssekitoleko, Ann Saterbak
Makerere University

The Influence of Anti-Critical Race Theory Legislation on Teacher Candidate’s Job Search
Danielle Sutherland
Towson University

Youth Writing for Peace in Colombia: A Collaborative Analysis of Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives
Kate Vieira
University of Wisconsin-Madison


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