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Spring 2021 Recently Awarded Grants


We are pleased to share a list of grantees from four recent grant cycles. The following are projects funded through our Research Grants on Education-Large and Research Grants on Education: Small Programs; our Racial Equity Special Grants Program; and our Lyle Spencer Special Research Awards Program. We hope this list provides insight into the breadth and depth of the scholarship we funded under these calls. Congratulations to all our grantees!

Research Grants on Education - Large 

How Changing Neighborhood and School Contexts Shape Mental Health and Educational Attainment from Childhood to Early Adulthood 
Jennifer Candipan, Katrina M Walsemann, Nicole L. Hair 
Brown University 

Reclaiming Land and Languages Through Indigenous Community-Based Mobile Game Design 
Mary R. Hermes, Elizabeth LaPensee 
Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia 

Reimagining Teaching/Learning Relations Alongside Improvisational and Ensemble Performers 
Ananda Maria Marin 
University of California, Los Angeles 

Centering racialized pre-service teachers: A proleptic re-design of teacher education for leveraging linguistic diversity 
Danny C. Martinez, P. Zitlali Morales, Ramon Antonio Martinez 
University of California, Davis 

Evaluation of a preschool socio-emotional curriculum: Testing effectiveness and drivers of change in a large, urban school district 
Jelena Obradovic 
Stanford University 

Wrestling with reparations: A historical and ethnographic study of a Black community's struggle for educational justice 
Kihana Miraya Ross 
Northwestern University 

Structure-Agency in Special Education: A multilevel qualitative study of the implementation of inclusion 
Sarah L. Woulfin, Susannah Everett 
The University of Texas at Austin 

Research Grants on Education: Small 

Serving the Public Good: Exploring the Role of Minority Serving Institutions in the Civic Development of Racial/Ethnic Minoritized Students 
Cynthia Maribel Alcantar, Edwin Hernandez 
University of Nevada, Reno 

Making Mindfulness Stick: Encouraging Daily Meditation Practice for Student Mental Well-being 
Joshua Aronson 
New York University 

Promoting positive school climate among newcomer immigrant adolescents 
Prerna Arora, Lorey A. Wheeler 
Teachers College, Columbia University 

A preliminary investigation into the learning of sacred languages 
Bene Bassetti 
University of Birmingham 

Community-Engaged Transformative Learning with Informal STEM in a School-Based Community Garden 
Linnea Kristina Beckett and Samuel J. Severance 
University of California, Santa Cruz 

Biographical Disruption? Transitions from College to Adulthood Amid the Pandemic and Its Aftermath: A Longitudinal Study 
Linda M. Blum 
Northeastern University 

Freedom Dreaming: Black Communal and Familial Educational Practices in Pittsburgh’s Hill District before, during and after COVID-19 
Lori Ann Delale-O'Connor, T. Elon Dancy 
University of Pittsburgh 

Direct Admissions: Reducing Economic, Racial, and Geographic Inequality in College Access 
Jennifer A. Delaney 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

Studying Regionally: Experiences of University Students on Regional Campuses 
Robyn Eversole, Lucinda Anne Aberdeen, Merete Skovgaard Schmidt, Janet M. Congues, Colleen Carlon 
Swinburne University of Technology 

Investigation of the Intensification of a Comprehension Intervention Using Student Data
Marissa J. Filderman, Alicia A. Stewart 
University of Alabama 

The Efficacy of 3D Motion Capture as a Reflective Aid during Self-Directed Practice for Laparoscopic Surgical Trainees 
Teresa E. Flaxman, Sukhbir Sony Singh 
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute 

Long-Term Effects of Banning the Box in College Admissions 
Mark A. Freeman 
The Common App 

Preparing Teacher Candidates to Foster Deeper Learning Through Inclusive Practices: A Case Study of One Exemplary Dual Licensure Teacher Education Program 
Joyce Melissa Gomez-Najarro 
California State University-Fullerton

Examining the Relation between Pre-service Teachers’ Implicit Racial Biases and Cortisol Response
Matthew Charles Graham, Katherine Cheng 
University of Oregon 

Measurement of Parent and Teacher Critical Consciousness 
Amy E. Heberle, Alena G. Esposito, Andrew L. Stewart 
Clark University 

Black Swans: Black Educators within Charter Schools in Post-Katrina New Orleans 
Kevin Lawrence Henry, Jr. 
University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Repeating acute exercise effects to maximize brain function, cognition, and academic achievement in school-aged children 
Shih-Chun Kao 
Purdue University 

Queer Pedagogy: Practical Knowledge and Theory 
Edna Lomsky-Feder, Gilly Hartal, Rogel Avner 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

Front-Line Students:  A Study of Student Custodial Worker Learning During the Covid19 Pandemic 
Calley Marotta 
Utah Valley University 

More Than an Athlete: Exploring High School Athletes’ Engagement in Activism 
Eric Martin, Yannick Kluch 
Boise State University 

Implementing Ethnic Studies in K-12 Settings: A Community-Engaged Ethnography 
Kysa Nygreen, Keisha L. Green 
University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

What is Black Male Pedagogy? Investigating the Pedagogical Practices and Lived Experiences of National Board Certified Black Male Teachers 
Esther O. Ohito, Constance A. Lindsay 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

The role of gesture in video-learning for children with autism and with typical development 
Seyda Ozcaliskan 
Georgia State University Research Foundation 

COVID-19 and Black Students' College Choice: The Role of Race, Class, and School Context during a Global Pandemic 
Tangela Reavis, Kelly E. Slay 
Saint Mary's College of California 

Science Teachers’ Experiences Learning about African American English (STELAAE) 
Quentin C. Sedlacek 
Southern Methodist University 

Returns at Risk: COVID-19 and Girls' Education in Malawi 
Rachel E. Silver, Alyssa Morley 
York University 

The Influence of Internships on the Career Ideas and Goals of Women in Computer Science 
Katie N. Smith 
Seton Hall University 

When Access is Not Enough: How Chronic Stress Affects Psychological Well-Being And Persistence Among Socioeconomically Disadvantaged University Students
Jacinth Tan, Chin Hong Tan 
Singapore Management University 

Assessing the impacts of a decolonizing pedagogy:  Classroom learning and post-classroom outcomes 
Emily Van Houweling, Cristin Lasser, Nina Alice Miller 
Regis University 

From ‘Cash Cows’ to ‘Yellow Peril’:  Examining the Positioning of Asian International Students in the United States in Contentious Times 
Christina W. Yao, Chrystal A. George Mwangi 
University of South Carolina 

“Let’s Talk About Election 2020”: Mapping Quantitative Civic Literacies in Youth Video Composition in an Online Digital Network 
Lynne Marie Zummo, Emma Carene Gargroetzi 
University of Utah 

Racial Equity Special Research Grants 

Public school closures and racial segregation in U.S. cities 
Noli Brazil 
University of California, Davis 

Forms of Freedom: The Art and Design of Black and Indigenous Creative Public Pedagogies 
Ruth Nicole Brown, Emery Marc Petchauer 
Michigan State University 

The Community Decides Project: Empowering Minoritized Communities to Facilitate School Improvement 
Jonathan E. Collins 
Brown University 

Police Stops and School Adjustment: Examining Underlying and Protective Mechanisms among Black Adolescents 
Juan Del Toro 
University of Pittsburgh 

The impacts of antiracist practices in gateway introductory biology courses 
Bryan Dewsbury, Tess Killpack 
University of Rhode Island Foundation 

How White Educators Learn About Race and Work Toward Racial Justice 
John B. Diamond 
University of Wisconsin-Madison 

The Bereavement Achievement Gap: Black-White Disparities in Mortality and Educational Attainment 
Angela R. Dixon 
Emory University 

Representation Matters: Addressing the Latinx/a/o Leadership Crisis in Higher Education
Michelle Espino 
University of Maryland at College Park 

Shunning, Symbolic, or Sweeping: An Examination of Higher Education Reparations at Universities Founded Pre-Civil War 
Juan Carlos Garibay, Amalia Z. Dache 
University of Virginia 

Interrogating Recruitment Practices of Black Candidates into Teacher Preparation 
Brandy T. Gatlin-Nash, Elizabeth van Es 
University of California, Irvine 

Teacher Leadership, Racial Justice, and Literacy in Early Childhood 
Maria Paula Ghiso, Haeny S. Yoon, Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz 
Teachers College, Columbia University 

Re-Imagining Latinx Adolescents’ Academic Success: How Cultural Assets and Social Relationships Protect Against the Effects of Discrimination 
Phuong Thao Ha, Maciel M. Hernandez, Olga Kornienko, Adam A. Rogers 
Arizona State University Foundation for A New American University 

Playing Together: Using Learning Labs to Reduce Exclusionary Disciplinary Practices for Young Children of Color with Disabilities 
Saili S. Kulkarni, Sunyoung Kim 
Tower Foundation of San Jose State University 

Nobody Asked Me Campaign:  Co-producing Policies and Re-imagining Educational Equity
Richard Lofton 
Johns Hopkins University 

A Constitutional Right to Education: A Multi-case Analysis of k–12 Educational Jurisprudence Among the United States Circuit Courts 
Rhodesia McMillian 
The Ohio State University 

House of Youth: Community-Based Transformative Teachings among Formerly-Incarcerated Chicanx-Indigenous Youth in California 
Megan S. Raschig 

Decolonizing Economics: A Qualitative Study on the Teaching of Racial Capitalism to Young Children 
Debbie Jung-Sun Sonu 
The Research Foundation of the City University of New York 

Examining Land Acknowledgment Statements at Land-Grant Universities 
Theresa J. Stewart-Ambo, Theresa Ysabel Rocha Beardall 
University of California, San Diego 

Lyle Spencer Research Awards 

Organizing Family and Community: Collective Parent Action and Intergenerational Learning 
Joanna D. Geller, Jennifer E. Cossyleon, Fabienne Doucet 
New York University 

Longitudinal Peer Social Networks and Early Language Development: Transforming Understanding of Critical Features of Young Children’s Classroom Experiences 
Laura M. Justice, Daniel S. Messinger, Dwight Irvin, Kelly M. Purtell, Tzu-Jung Lin, Hugo Gonzalez Villasanti, Lynn K. Perry, Chaoming Song, Batya Elbaum, Brian A. Boyd, Jay Buzhardt 
The Ohio State University 

Student Supports: The Role of Social Safety Net Programs in Community College Student Success 
Jesse Rothstein, Johanna R. Lacoe 
University of California, Berkeley 

Re-imagining Alternative Education:   Designing for Geographies of Care and Responsibility 
Eli Tucker-Raymond, Beth Warren, Brian E. Gravel, Gregory Benoit, Maria C. Olivares 
Boston University 



Dita over 2 years

Congratulations for the grantees. Do you have please a grant for education research project for PhD study in Africa? I am a PhD student at one of the African Universities and I need a grant for my thesis project.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Josphert Kimatu about 3 years

I concur with Kolawole, The African continent seem to be not the focus for funding by Spencer Foundation. Kindly, consider some funding to boost Africa education. However, because it is at your discretion to fund what you please we have no bitterness.

Diana Agudelo R. about 3 years

I agree with Kolawole. I was expecting to see Latin American organizations. I found it geographically very focused on American ones =(

THENJIWE MAJOR about 3 years

Thanks Kolawole, its a good observation

Kolawole about 3 years

Yes! This seems good, and I congratulate all grantees. However, it looks like your foundation is only for Americans, or you are selective. You only award your grant to American institutions. It's rare to see any African school securing your funding.

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