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January 2024 Recently Awarded Grants

Congratulations to all our recent grantees! 


STEAMing through Dance: A Multimodal Exploration of Black Girls’ Intersectional Identities and STEAM Literacies within a Transdisciplinary STEAM Counterspace.
Ayana Allen-Handy, Valerie Ifill, Michelle L. Rogers, Raja Schaar
Drexel University


History Teaching Through Dialogical Controversies in Synergy with Documentary Films: Fostering Historical Comprehension, Identity Development and Prejudice Reduction
Mario Carretero, Alicia Viviana Barreiro
FLACSO Argentina

Examining Rural Dual Language Programs, Multilingual Learners, and Rural Community Cultural Wealth
Maria Coady, Alison M. Turner
North Carolina State University


Young African American Children Animating Societal Change: A Mixed-Methods Inquiry
Wintre Johnson, Naila A. Smith, Derrick P. Alridge
University of Virginia


Addressing the (In)Visibility of Asian American Teachers: A Mixed-Methods Study of Racial Identity and Cross-Generational Support
Grace Kim, North Cooc
The University of Texas at Austin


Hidden Money: School-Supporting Non-Profit Funds and Rising Inequality
Emily Rauscher
Brown University


Educating for Food Sovereignty: Social Movements, Sustainable Agriculture, and Latin American Institutes of Agroecology
Rebecca Tarlau, David Meek
The Pennsylvania State University



“Doing the Next Needed Thing”: Jeanes Supervisors of Florida (JSF) and a Transformative Agenda for School-Based Family and Community Engagement
Melanie M. Acosta
Florida Atlantic University


Excavating the Oral Histories of Black World Language Teachers
Tasha Austin
The Research Foundation for The State University of New York


Developing Prospective Teachers' Knowledge Base for Teaching Writing Through Mentoring Youth Writers
Sarah W. Beck
New York University


The Eyes as a Window on Cognitive Processing During Reading Timeline
Gina Biancarosa
University of Oregon


Examining the Impact of Anti-LGBTQ+ Education Bills on Parents’ Beliefs and Parent-Child Conversations
Kimberly E. Chaney
University of Connecticut


Threat and Empowerment: How Educators Empower Students Who are Under Threat of Home Relocation or Demolition
Rima'a Da'as
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Of 'SpongeBobs' and 'Daniel Tigers': Parent-Child Co-construction of Time Units
Darrell Earnest, Amy Smith
University of Massachusetts, Amherst


“Can we say it differently”? Motivational Prosody in Teacher-Student Communication
Naama Gershy
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Do I Belong Here? Indigenous Students' Experience of Mental Wellbeing at University in Aotearoa New Zealand
Kerry Lynn Gibson, Sarah Kapeli
The University of Auckland


The Neglected Side of School Finance Reform: State-Imposed Fiscal Rules, School District Fiscal Health, and Student Achievement
Benedict Jimenez
Georgia State University


Stories-to-live-by: Literacy Teaching for the Climate in Florida
Alexandra M. Panos, Michael B. Sherry, Jarod Rosello
University of South Florida


Changing Norms of Citizenship? – Identifying Conceptions of “Good Citizenship” and Their Underlying Factors in Adolescence
Frank Reichert
University of Hong Kong


Control of the Schools, Control of the City: Education Policy and Politics in Washington, DC
Kristin Sinclair, Alisha N. Butler
Georgetown University


A Critical Examination of School Social Workers’ Experiences & Practices in Mandated Reporting: A Mixed Methods Inquiry
Erin Sugrue, Ashley-Marie Hanna Daftary
Augsburg College


Languages for Relating: Piloting an Innovative Learning Framework in Multilingual Classrooms
Paola Uccelli, Veronica Boix Boix Mansilla
Harvard University


Beneath the Veil of Niceness: Interrogating the Facade of Anti-Racist Work in Student Affairs
Raquel Wright-Mair, Bryan Shon Hubain
Rowan University Foundation, Inc.


A Longitudinal Analysis of Multiply-Marginalized Individuals’ Aspirations, Expectations, and Experiences After Navigating Food Insecurity at Selective, Normatively Affluent Universities
Nathan Alleman, Kathryn Janda, Sarah Madsen
Baylor University


Teaching the History of Enslavement and Race in the Colony-Metropole Nexus
Marta Araujo, Francisco Osvaldino Nascimento Monteiro
Centro de Estudos Sociais


Legal Status Invisibility and Racialized Hypervisibility: High School Counselors’ Experiences Advising Undocumented Students in Massachusetts
Alessandra Bazo Vienrich
Rhode Island College


Advancing QuantCrit Methods and Data Sensitivity Approaches in Special Education Research
Nicholas Bell, Zachary Kendall Collier, Veronica Nelly Velez
The Research Foundation for The State University of New York


The “I” in Africa: African-American Students’ Explorations of Black Identity Development through Critical Race Travel Pedagogy in Ghana
Cathryn Devereaux
Drew University


Protecting the Generations: Exploring Campus Safety in Tribal Colleges and Universities
Jude Paul Dizon, Kēhaulani Vaughn
California State University, Stanislaus


What's Race and Care Got to do With it? School Leadership Ethics for Communal Responsibility
Osly Flores
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


"We Need New Structures": Critical Mental Health Conversation Spaces for Girls and Gender Expansive Youth of Color to Envision Better Futures
Jamelia Harris, Lauren C. Mims
Justice and Joy National Collaborative


Automated Equity Reports for Supporting Equitable Learning Outcomes in Teamwork Pedagogies in STEM
Trevion Henderson
Tufts University


Legacies of Racialization and Sociopolitical Tensions: Sociolinguistic Consequences for Iranian Immigrant/Refugee Families with Children in K-12 Schools and Heritage Language Programs
Marzieh Kaveh
Arizona State University Foundation for A New American University


Teachers as Change Agents in Addressing Racial and Intersectional Microaggressions in School Settings
Stephen Leff, Rui Fu, Nathalie H Duroseau
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Voices of Reason y Resistencia: Migrant Youth Enacting Participatory Action
Joanna Maravilla
Lewis University


Racial Equity for Education in Emergencies: Tracing Humanitarian Aid Policy-Making and Priorities
Francine Menashy
University of Toronto


The “Warmth” of Counterspaces: An Ethnography of a Black Doctoral Student Writing Group
Michael Moses
University of California, Riverside


Resisting Curriculum Erasure: Amplify Asian American Voices in Early Childhood Education through a Participatory Design of an Anti-Racist Biliteracy Curriculum
Alisha Nguyen, Zhongfeng Tian
Lesley University


Racial Literacy, Capabilities and Curriculum-making
Edward Olivos
University of Oregon


Exploring Institutional Agents’ Leadership Approaches and Racial Equity Orientations: Supporting Black and Latinx Students in Higher Education
Oscar Patrón
Indiana University Bloomington



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