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Summer Learning and Beyond: Opportunities for Creating Equity

What We’re Learning

It will be a summer like no other. People are teeming with hopefulness, worry, and a range of expectations, needs, and opportunities as we emerge out of pandemic life. As schools and districts plan for summer learning experiences and beyond, it is more important now than ever that they do so in ways that center the range of experiences, needs, and dreams that young people will be bringing with them to learning environments.

This report, jointly produced by the Spencer Foundation and the Learning Policy Institute, provides a set of six design principles, or stances toward learners and learning, that are essential for creating intellectually rigorous and equitable learning settings. These principles provide a holistic framework for designing goals, practices, and activities for summer learning and beyond.

The Six Design Principles for Summer Learning and Beyond include:

1. Center Relationships

2. Create a Culture of Affirmation and Belonging

3. Build From Students’ Interests and Take a Whole Child Approach to Their Development

4. Engage Students’ and Families’ Knowledge in Disciplinary Learning

5. Provide Creative, Inquiry-Based Forms of Learning

6. Address Educator Needs and Learning


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