District Leadership for Equity in Racially Diverse School Systems

Principal Investigator: John Diamond | Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis | University of Wisconsin-Madison


Race and class disparities in educational opportunities and outcomes remain a central problem in the United States. Recent work has focused on these issues in school contexts where increasing race and class diversity has led to growing concerns about race and class disparities. Research/practice partnership (RPPs) are one response to these challenges. While promising, substantive changes from RPPs are difficult to achieve in part because many researchers possess insufficient knowledge of how P-12 institutions actually operate. Dr. Diamond has substantial knowledge of school leadership, educational inequality, and RPPs from the vantage point of a researcher. However, he seeks to learn more about the day-to-day processes through which district leaders respond to racial inequality. In this project, Diamond will embed himself with senior leaders in two school districts that are engaged in substantive equity work. Through this experience, he will expand his knowledge of district-level leadership, gain a more practical understanding of how district leaders work for equity in demographically diverse settings, and deepen his knowledge of how race and class matter for leadership in contested spaces. This project will also enhance his ability to participate in and build RPPs that contribute to meaningful educational change and reduce race and class inequality. ,

Grant Type:

Midcareer Grant

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Topic / Subject:

Race/Ethnicity, Organizational Theory/Organization Learning, Administration/Leadership

Methods / Approach:

Narrative analysis

Disciplinary Perspective:

Public Policy, Other