The Rethinking Student Aid study group of policy experts, academic researchers, and higher education professionals was convened to design a federal financial aid system that increases enrollment and success rates for low- and moderate-income students. Led by co-chairs Sandy Baum, senior policy analyst at the College Board and professor of economics at Skidmore College, and Mike McPherson, president of the Spencer Foundation, the group spent two years studying the current system and discussing ways to make it more accessible to students and more effective in achieving national goals.
Rethinking Student Aid final report
The study group's final report, "Fulfilling the Commitment: Recommendations for Reforming Federal Student Aid," offers a coherent agenda for improving the effectiveness of the federal aid system in order to reduce the enrollment and graduation rate gaps between affluent students and those from less privileged backgrounds.
To access the Rethinking Student Aid Final Report please click here.
Chronicle of Higher Education Interview

Mike McPherson and Sandy Baum, economist and senior policy analyst at the College Board, speak with the Chronicle of Higher Education about how the recession could affect both colleges' costs and the price of tuition.  Click here.

C-SPAN Broadcast of the Rethinking Student Aid Panel

Sandy Baum and Mike McPherson participate in a forum focused on improving the effectiveness of student financial aid and the probability of meeting President Obama's goal for the U.S. to lead the world with the highest proportion of college graduates by 2020. Also on the panel were: Philip Day, National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators; Robert Shireman, Department of Education; and Celia Sims, U.S. Senate. Grover J. Whitehurst of the Brookings Institution moderated the question and answer session. To access the C-SPAN video click here.