Connecting to Practice Video at AERA 2014

Deborah Loewenberg Ball and Michael McPherson: Connecting to Practice Video of a talk at AERA 2014: click here.

Lyle Spencer Research Awards: Large Grant Program

In the spring of 2014 the Foundation introduced a new funding program for large, innovative, investigator-initiated projects. This program is the successor to our long-standing field-initiated major grant program. A full description of the Lyle Spencer Research Award program can be found by clicking here.

Small Research Grants in the Areas of Inquiry

The Foundation's  Small Research Grants program is organized under four areas of inquiry that identify broad topics we believe have fundamental and abiding importance for educational improvement.

The Relation Between Education and Social Opportunity
Organizational Learning in Schools, School Systems, and Higher Education Systems
Teaching, Learning, and Instructional Resources
Purposes and Values of Education

There are occasionally proposals that don’t fit within one of the board areas mentioned above; for those submissions, we welcome the proposal as a field-initiated Small Research Grant - click here.

Research-Practice Partnership Grants

The Spencer Foundation is pleased to announce a new grant program intended to strengthen existing research-practice partnerships (RPPs). RPPs are a novel model for conducting relevant and useful research and facilitating the long-term accumulation of knowledge about education policy and practice. To learn more about the Research-Practice Partnership Grants, click here.

Strategic Initiatives: Focused grant programs

The Foundation’s Strategic Initiatives reflect our commitment to specific, measureable investigations in the following three fields:

The New Civics Initiative
Data Use and Educational Improvement
Philosophy in Educational Policy and Practice

Midcareer Grant Program

The Spencer Foundation is pleased to announce the second round of its grant program to enrich the work of academic midcareer scholars who are seven to twenty years post doctorate. This targeted program provides support for those who are interested in advancing their understanding of a compelling problem of education by acquiring new skills, substantive knowledge, theoretical perspectives or methodological tools. To learn more about the Midcareer Grant Program, click here.