2011-2012 Postdoctoral Fellows

Yonas Mesfun Asfaha

College of Arts & Social Sciences, Eritrea, and Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Literacy in the Making of Multilingual Education: Sociolinguistic Ethnographic Perspectives

Aprile Benner

University of Texas at Austin School
Demographics, Marginalization, & Academic Progress

Jason Casellas

University of Texas at Austin
The Politics of Latino Education Policy, 1968-Present

Rong Cheng

Seton Hall University
Evaluating Financial Aid Effects on College Student Dropout Risks: A Causal Inference Approach

Ansley Erickson

Teachers College, Columbia University
Schooling the Metropolis: Educational Inequality Made and Remade, Nashville, Tennessee, 1945-2000

*Leah Gordon

Stanford University
Not Love but Justice: Prejudice and “the Race Problem” in Mid-Century America

Phillip Hammack

University of California, Santa Cruz
Comparative Approaches to Dialogue-Based Peace Education Among Israeli, Palestinian, and American Youth

Margot Jackson

Brown University
U.S. Child Nutritional Policy and the Production of Cognitive and Educational Inequality

Joshua Kinsler

University of Rochester
Testing for Additive Separability of Student Achievement Function

*David Kirkland

New York University
A Path to Literacy: Mapping the Literacy Practices of Young Black Men

Michael Lovenheim

Cornell University
Dynamic Effects of Teacher Incentive Pay: Evidence from a Rank-Order Tournament in the Houston Public Schools

Sarah Manekin

Johns Hopkins University
Educating an Exceptional Empire: The Federal Government and the Challenge of Colonial Schooling, 1865-1910

Melinda Martin-Beltrán

University of Maryland at College Park
Engaging our Linguistic Resources in Secondary Schools: How Minority-Language and Majority-Language Students Can Learn from Each Other

Elizabeth McGhee-Hassrick

University of Chicago
Measuring Social Networks among Parents and Special Education Teachers

Susan Moffitt

Brown University
The Politics of Bad News: The Political Foundations of Educational Accountability

Karthik Muralidharan

University of California, San Diego
The Aggregate Effect of School Choices: Evidence from a Two-Stage Experiment in India

Laura Munoz

Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Educated Citizens: Mexican Americans and the Making of Arizona, 1870-1940

Fabian Pfeffer

University of Michigan
Education and Social Mobility in the United States and Abroad

Katharine Strunk

University of Southern California
Changing Collective Bargaining Agreements in California Public Schools: Why do Districts Implement Restrictive Contracts, and How do They Impact Student Achievement?

Xiuli Tong

University of Hong Kong
Becoming Biliterate in English and Chinese: What is the Role of Higher Level Phonological Processing?

*Information has not been confirmed by postdoc