2007-2008 Postdoctoral Fellows

Derek Briggs

University of Colorado at Boulder
Validation Theory and Practice in the Context of High-Stakes Test Use

Victoria Cain

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Nature Under Glass: Academic Science, Consumer Capitalism and the Educational Revolution in American Natural History Museums, 1900-1940

Damon Clark

University of Florida
Elite Schools and Academic Achievement

Maria Costa

Florida State University
Social Justice and Civic Education

Ravit Duncan

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
A Learning Progression for Developing Understandings of Genetics

Emine Evered

Michigan State University
Lessons in Empire: Ottoman Educational Policies and the Politics of Ethno-Religious Pluralism, 1850-1918

Cynthia Feliciano

University of California, Irvine
Gender Disparities in Early School Engagement Among Young Children of Immigrants

Michael Ford

University of Pittsburgh
A Dual-Role Theory of Scientific Reasoning

Ilana Horn

University of Washington
Recontextualizing Practices: Learning to Teach Rigorous and Accessible Mathematics in the High School

James Kim

Harvard University
Effects of a Voluntary Summer Reading Intervention on District Policy and Student Outcomes

Fang Lai

New York University
Parental Preference, Heterogeneous Effects of School Choice on Student Outcomes, and Peer Effects Under a Preference-Based Randomization: Evidence from the Middle School Education Reform in Beijing's Eastern City District

Morva McDonald

University of Washington
Learning to Teach Literacy in Hard to Staff Secondary Schools: A Comparison of Different Pathways Into Teaching

Carolyn McKinney

University of the Witwatersrand
Schooling Girls in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Exploring the Construction of Youth Identities in Desegregated Girls' Schools

Sarah Meacham

Harvard University
When Script Meets Innovation: The Impact on the Acquisition of Reading Comprehension Strategies of Teacher Experimentation With America's Choice in Boston

Amori Mikami

University of Virginia
Teacher Practices that Promote Children's Academic Success Through Reducing Peer Rejection

Raegen Miller

Harvard University
The Stability of Value-Added Measures of Teacher Effectiveness

Kristen Nawrotzki

Roehampton University
Kindergarten in Common: Early Education in England and the USA 1850 - 1975

Stacy Tweedy

Washington University
In the Shadows of "Hobson": Race, Education, and Franchise in the District of Columbia

Gregory Walton

University of Waterloo
A Social - Psychological Approach to Increasing the Achievement of Women in Math and Engineering: A Randomized Field Experiment

Terry Woronov

University of Arizona
Eating from the "Rice Bowl of Youth": Gender Ideologies and School-to-WorkTransitions in Urban China