2010-2011 Postdoctoral Fellows 

Karen Benjamin

Saint Xavier University
Suburbanizing Jim Crow: The Impact of School Policy on Residential Segregation

Rebecca Black

University of California, Irvine
Early Childhood Literacy, Development, and Learning in Online Virtual Worlds

George Bunch

University of California, Santa Cruz
Generation 1.5 Students and Language Demands of Community College

Amita Chudgar

Michigan State University
The Impact of Contract-Teachers on Student Learning in Developing Countries: a Multi-Level, Multi-Country Analysis

Stella Flores

Vanderbilt University
The College Trajectories of English Language Learner Identified Youth: An Analysis of Postsecondary Outcomes in Texas

Hunter Gehlbach

Harvard University
New Perspectives on Investigating Teacher-Student Relationships

Tsafrir Goldberg

University of Haifa
Can't Hold the Past from Both Ends?: Students' Learning of Conflicting Historical Accounts on a Charged Intergroup Issue

Scott Imberman

University of Houston
Peer Effects from Students with Limited English Proficiency: How Does Sharing a Classroom with LEP Students Affect Native English Speakers?

Kara Jackson

McGill University
Understanding How Urban Districts and Schools Can Support Middle-Grades Mathematics Teachers' Development of Ambitious and Equitable Instructional Practices

Jennifer Lee

Indiana University
Geographic Variation in the Relationship between Bilingualism and Education among Children of Immigrants

Jane Lincove

University of Texas at Austin
Characteristics of Teacher Incentive Contracts and the Effects on Student Performance

Ian MacMullen

Washington University in St. Louis
Compliance, Conservation & Community: Civic Education and the Limits of Autonomy

Isaac Mbiti

Southern Methodist University
School Quality and Student Achievement: Evidence from the Centralized School Placement System in Kenya

Thomas Philip

University of California, Los Angeles
Exploring Teachers' Racialized Reasoning to Re-conceptualize Teacher Education in the Era of "Color-blind" Racism

Rosemary Russ

Northwestern University
Examining Discourse Interactions in Clinical Interviews About Students' Intuitive Science Knowledge

Jessaca Spybrook

Western Michigan University
Detecting Intervention Effects Across Context: An Examination of the Power of Experimental Studies Launched by the Institute of Education Sciences

Tracy Steffes

Brown University
School, Society, and State: A New Education to Govern Modern America, 1890-1940

Andrew Stull

University of California, Santa Barbara
Modeling in Chemistry: Evaluating the Educational Merit of Instructional Models

David Suarez

University of Southern California
Institutional Change in American Universities: The Rise of Human Rights Centers and Degree Programs

Marc VanOverbeke

Northern Illinois University
Shaping Educational Access and Economic Opportunity through State Colleges and Universities, 1945-1970