2008-2009 Postdoctoral Fellows

Maren Aukerman

University of Pennsylvania
Spanish and English Text Comprehension in A Dual-Language Kindergarten

Monisha Bajaj

Columbia University in the City of New York
Human Rights Education in India: A Multilevel Case Study of Policy, Pedagogy, and Practice

Gustavo Bobonis

University of Toronto
Institutional Change and the Expansion of Public Schooling: Evidence from the U.S. Colonization of Puerto Rico, 1898-1920

Scott Carrell

University of California, Davis
Raising College Students' Grade: A Controlled Experiment in Peer Effects

Wade Cole

Washington State Institute for Public Policy
Education for Self-Determination: The Worldwide Emergence of Indigenous College

S. Helene Deacon

Dalhousie University
Learning from Success: Routes to Reading for Compensated Dyslexics

Charles Downey

University of Alberta
You Can't Save Them All: The Moral Economy of Teachers' Work in an Inner-City High School

Brett Gadsden

Emory University
Victory Without Triumph: School Desegregation in Delaware

David Garcia

Arizona State University
Surveying the Future: Hispanics and School Choice

Emily Greenman

Pennsylvania State University
Does Acculturation Lower Educational Achievement for Children of Immigrants?

Andrew Guest

University of Portland
The Extra Curriculum in Social-Cultural Context: A Multi-Method Comparison of Extracurricular Activities and Adolescents in Distinct Social Class Communities

Li-jen Kuo

Northern Illinois University
Beyond Cross-Language Transfer: Reconceptualizing the Effects of Early Bilingualism on Morphological Syntacit Processing

Leigh Linden

Columbia University in the City of New York
Experimentally Measuring Discrimination in Education with an Application to Caste Discrimination in India

Paul Morgan

Pennsylvania State University
Children's Psychopathology: Trajectories, Risk Factors and Effects of Services

Erin O'Connor

New York University
Teacher-child Relationships and Children's Achievement in Elementary School: Within and Between-child Analysis

Hyunjoon Park

University of Pennsylvania
The Causal Effect of Single-Sex Schools: Random Assignment in Korean High Schools

Sarah Reber

University of California, Los Angeles
Evaluating the Evaluators: Using Subjective Measures of Teacher Quality to Pay for Performance

Lindsey Richland

University of California, Irvine
Scaffolding Children's Development of Cognitive and Math Skills: Understanding Parents' Impact

Janelle Scott

New York University
The Politics of Advocacy Groups and Venture Philanthropy in School Choice Policy

Paige Ware

Southern Methodist University
The Impact of an International Multimedia Writing Exchange on Literacy Among Adolescent Language Learners