Narrative Reporting Guidelines

The Spencer Foundation requires grantees of multi-year projects to submit annual narrative reports, as well as final narrative reports at the end of the grant period. When the grant activity and funding are limited to one year, a final report is sufficient. These reports provide the Foundation with important updates on activity related to the grant.

Narrative reports should be submitted using the Spencer Foundation online system. In order to gain access, you (the PI) will first need to register at the link below (there will be a "Register Now" button below the log in box). Once registered, you will receive a temporary password so that you may log in. After you have logged in, you will see a series of tabs; click the Reports Due tab to access the narrative report form for your project. (If you do not see your grant listed under the Reports Due tab, please contact Maricelle Garcia at; you may have registered using a different email address from the one we have on file.)

Spencer Foundation Online Application, click here.

Please note: Requests for budget reallocations, no-cost extensions, and grant transfers should be sent in a separate correspondence to the attention of Maricelle Garcia at

Additionally, the Spencer Foundation would appreciate receiving a copy of any book that might be published as a result of a grant. Books can be mailed to:

Saul Gamino 
Spencer Foundation
625 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60611