Intellectual Property Rights

The Spencer Foundation seeks both to support and disseminate exemplary research about education. To enhance the Foundation's capacity to disseminate the research it supports, our Interactive Technology staff has been redeveloping this web site so that we will soon be able to post more examples of outstanding research in the form of article abstracts, book chapters, and report summaries, along with links to authors' personal web pages, publishers, and other distributors of research. In this way, we hope to help our grantees reach broader audiences and become even more effective at bringing their work to the attention of other scholars, policy makers, and practitioners. If, for some reason, one of our grantees has not been able to publish his or her research independently, and we judge this research to be of high quality, we will work with that grantee to "publish" his or her research on our web site. We hope that the web site will be a valuable research tool for all those interested in education. 

To facilitate this effort, Spencer now asks its grantees and their sponsoring institutions to sign an intellectual property rights agreement. This agreement protects a grantee's rights to the works generated with Spencer Foundation funds, but also guarantees the Foundation the right to disseminate works that, within a reasonable time, have not been published in other venues. It also guarantees the Foundation the right to publish excerpts of up to 15% of a particular work that results from its grants. We expect to work closely with our grantees to implement this policy, which we hope will enrich the education research community generally and assist directly the scholars we support.