Each year the Spencer Foundation produces a report detailing grant making activities, financial information, and other information. On this page you will be able to download and view reports as they are produced.

In 1996 the Foundation published its twenty-fifth annual report, entitled Twenty-Five Years of Grantmaking. This special edition of the annual report contains a comprehensive list of grants made by the Spencer Foundation between 1971 and 1996.

2012 Grant List
2011 Grant List
2011 Financial Report
2010 Grant List
2010 Financial Report
2009 Grant List
2009 Financial Report
2008 Grant List
2008 Financial Report
2007 Grant List
2007 Financial Report
2006 Grant List
2006 Financial Report
2005 Grant List
2005 Financial Report
2004 Annual Report
2003 Annual Report
2002 Annual Report
2001 Annual Report
2000 Annual Report
1999 Annual Report
1998 Annual Report
1997 Annual Report 
1996 (25th Anniversary) Annual Report

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