Education Journalism Initiative


Major funding under this initiative
  • Columbia School of Journalism/Spencer Fellowship for Education Reporting. The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the Spencer Foundation established the Spencer Fellowship for Education Reporting to enable education writers to spend a year at Columbia to develop a long-form reporting project to advance the understanding of the American education system.The education reporting fellowship, which is open to professional educators, working journalists and candidates who have a passion for education writing, aims to provide writers with the research resources of a great university and a break from the newsroom to delve into an important aspect of education reporting. Three fellows will be selected for the highly-competitive program, based upon their previous and potential work, demonstrated commitment to reporting on education issues, and the importance and originality of their proposed projects. Proposals can take the form of a narrative newspaper story or series, a magazine article or a nonfiction book.  Click here to be re-directed to the Spencer Fellowship for Education Journalism at Columbia University.
  • American Public Media/American Radio Works – Ideas in Motion. American Radio Works (ARW) received a three-year grant to develop a series of radio documentaries, radio newsmagazine reports, podcasts and companion websites on significant issues in education informed by research and policy analysis. ARW intends to expand the circulation of key ideas about education and broaden public access to the conversations, research and knowledge that often remains within academic circles. ARW is the largest documentary unit in public radio with its pieces appearing on National Public Radio programs such as All Things Considered and Morning Edition. ARW’s documentaries are distributed by American Public Media, which produces programs such as Marketplace, Weekend America, and A Prarie Home Companion. This grant is directed by Stephen Smith, the Executive Director of American Radio Works, and Chris Farrell, Chief Economics Correspondent for ARW. Award winning producer Emily Hanford is the primary correspondent for the Ideas in Motion series. They are committed to producing radio “with a disciplined curiosity (that)..can create coherent pictures of an education landscape that is often too blury, too distant, or too seemingly obscure…(Their)..goal is clear, vivid, memorable journalism.” For more information click here.

Grant requests to the Educational Journalism Initiative are accepted by invitation only.