2011-2012 Dissertation Fellowship Program Fellows

Fellow Name with Institutional Affiliation and Dissertation Title at Time of Award

Christopher Bischof

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Wandering Minds: Elementary Teachers, Mobility, and the British World View, 1846-1902

Michael DeSchryver

Michigan State University
Advanced New Literacies and Knowledge Synthesis on the Web

Alan Shane Dillingham

University of Maryland
Indigenismo and its Discontents: Bilingual Teachers and the Democratic Opening in the Mixteca Alta of Oaxaca, Mexico, 1954-1990

Rebecca Dizon-Ross

Stanford University
How Does School Accountability Affect Teachers?

Glenda Marisol Flores

University of Southern California
Latina Teachers in Los Angeles: Navigating Race/Ethnic and Class Boundaries in Multiracial Elementary Schools

Chloe Gibbs

University of Chicago
Measuring the Impact of Full-day Kindergarten: Experimental and Quasi-experimental Evidence

DeLeon Lavron Gray

Ohio State University
A New Framework for School Belonging: The Importance of “Fitting In” and “Standing Out”

Kelda Jamison

University of Chicago
Making Kurdish Public(s): Literacy Practices and Language Politics in Kurdish Turkey

Jehanzaib Khan

New York University
School or Madrassa? Parents' Choice and the Failure of State-Run Education in Pakistan

Michael Robert Kohut

Vanderbilt University
Every Resistance to Evolution Education and the Limits of State Agency in Tennessee.

Sarah Lipinoga

University of Pennsylvania
Mexican Immigrant Fathers and their Children: An Investigation of Communicative Resources across Contexts of Learning

Stephanie Mai-Lin McClure

Case Western Reserve University
"It's Just Gym": African American Girls Enacting Body-based Identity in School Settings

Kathryn Jane Moeller

University of California, Berkeley
"Investing in the Girl Effect": Transnational Corporate Investment in Girls' Education

Pedro A.G. Monaville

University of Michigan
Global 1968 in Kinshasa: From a Student Massacre to Ruins in a Postcolonial University

Liza Pappas

City University of New York Graduate Center
Opening or Shutting Doors: School Closings, Equity, and Community Engagement

Oren Pizmony-Levy

Indiana University
Developing Global Education Policy: The Case of International Educational Testing 1958-2008

Gautam Rao

University of California, Berkeley
Poor kids in rich schools: The effects of social interactions and the returns to school quality.

Emily Rauscher

New York University
Can Expansion Equalize Occupational Opportunity? Educational Expansion and Intergenerational Mobility – 1850-1930

Sara Rutherford-Quach

Stanford University
Hands Up, Mouths Shut: Silence and Speech in a Second Grade Classroom of English Learners

Douglas E. Sperry

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Reassessing the Verbal Environments of Young Working-class and Poor Children