Dissertation Fellowships for Research Related to Education

2010 - 2011 Cohort

Fellow Name with Institutional Affiliation and Dissertation Title at Time of Award


Kehinde Funmilola Ajayi

University of California, Berkeley
Essays on School Choice and the Returns to School Quality

Dena Aufseeser

University of Washington
Suppressed Voices, Transitional Lives? Children's Strategies Negotiating Education and Labor in Peru

Kabria Baumgartner

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
In Pursuit of Knowledge: African American Women and Educational Activism in Antebellum America

Kendra Bischoff

Stanford University
Switching School Contexts: Evidence of Academic and Social Effects from a Random-Assignment Desegregation Plan

Liliana Garces

Harvard University
Considering Race in Graduate Admissions: Have Statewide Affirmative Action Bans Reduced Students of Color Enrollment in Graduate Programs?

Cassandra Marie Doll Hart

Northwestern University
How School Vouchers Affect Public Schools and Family Choices

Ann Ishimaru

Harvard University
"A New Relationship": Collaboration between School District Leadership and Parent Organizing to Transform Schooling for Low-Income Latino Students

Katherine Lewis

University of California, Berkeley
Reconceptualizing Mathematical Learning Disabilities: A Diagnostic Foundation

Melissa Jo Luna

Northwestern University
Supporting Elementary Teachers in Noticing and Responding to Students' Ideas in Science

Rachel Martin

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Out of the Silence: Remembering the Desegregation of Clinton, Tennessee, High School

John Papay

Harvard University
The Price of Just Failing: The Unintended Consequences of Student's Standardized Test Performance Labels on Their Education Attainments

Maria Perez

Stanford University
Teachers Performance-Based Reward Programs: Long-Run Implications and Sustainability

Mario Perez

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Color of Youth: Mexicans and the Power of Schooling in Chicago, 1917-1939

Leoandra Rogers

New York University
The Intersections of Race and Gender in An All-Black Male School: Racial and Gender Identity, Psychological Well-Being, and Academic Performance

Zohar Rotem

The New School University
Becoming Jews and Arabs: Israeli Children and the Making of Social Difference

Luis Ruiz

University of Oregon
Radicalizing Education in Postrevolutionary Mexico: Leftist Intellectuals as Pedagogues, Textbook Authors, and State Functionaries, 1930-1940

Christi Michelle Smith

Indiana University
From Radical Reconstruction to Jim Crow: Education, Nation-Building, and the Making of a New Racial Order

Matthew Wallace

University of California, Davis
Developing Assessment Practices: A Study of the Experiences of Preservice Mathematics Teachers as Learners and the Evolution of their Assessment Practices as Educators

David Yeager

Stanford University
Implicit theories of personality predict desire for vengeance after peer conflicts during adolescence: Results from correlational and experimental studies conducted in the laboratory and in the field

William Zahner

University of California, Santa Cruz
Doing and Learning Algebra through Communication: How Students Learn and Reason about Rate and Accumulation in Peer Discussions