Dissertation Fellowships for Research Related to Education

2009 - 2010 Cohort

Fellow Name with Institutional Affiliation and Dissertation Title at Time of Award


Jaime L. Ahlberg

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ideal and Nonideal Theory within the Realm of the Political

Daniel John Berry

Harvard University
Pre-K Attention Problems and Achievement in late Elementary School: The Mediating Role of Transactional Processes Between Teacher-Child Relationships and Attention Over Time

Elizabeth Todd Breland

University of Chicago
To Reshape and Redefine Our World: African Americans Organizing For Education, 1968-2004

Jennifer Lopseen Chiu

University of California, Berkeley
Supporting Students' Knowledge Integration in Technology-Enhanced Inquiry Curricula

Lori Ann Delale-O'Connor

Northwestern University
Information, Understanding and Choice in the Chicago Public Schools

Meg P. Gardinier

Cornell University
From Global Projects to Classroom Practice: The Localization of Democratic Citizenship Education in Post-Communist Albania

Heather Tiffany Hebard

Stanford University
Writing Lessons: Case Studies of Beginning Teachers

Jonas Krabbe Hjort

University of California, Berkeley
Randomized Evaluations of New Forms of Education Targeting Marginalized Children and Youth in Africa

Simone Ispa-Landa

Harvard University
Social and Academic Effects of Urban Adolescents' Exposure to an Affluent Suburban School Context

Sharon S. Lee

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(Un)seen and (Un)heard: The Struggle for Asian American 'Minority' Recognition at the University of Illinois, 1968-1997

Rebecca Jane Lowenhaupt

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Institutional Adaptation to Demographic Shift: Educating the New Latino Diaspora

Kevin W. McElhaney

University of California, Berkeley
Designing Science Instruction to Help Learners Make Valid Inferences from Experiments

Kelly Morrow

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Sex and the Student Body: Knowledge, Authenticity, and the Sexual Revolution

Fabian T. Pfeffer

University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Educational Opportunity and Parental Wealth in the U.S. and Germany

Michelle Allen Purdy

Emory University 
Southern and Independent: Public Mandates, Private Schools, and Black Students

Crystal Renee Sanders

Northwestern University 
How Preschool Became Political: Mississippi Black Women and Head Start

Jennifer Lisa Stephan

Northwestern University
Gaps in the College Enrollment Process and the Role of High Schools in Reducing Them

Malia Maya Villegas

Harvard University
500 Maori Doctorates in 15 Years: Exploring the Process of Change in Higher Education and Community Development

Liang Choon Wang

University of California, San Diego 
The Effects of Tracking, Peer Quality, and Teacher Quality on Student Outcomes

Jonathan Paul Weeks

University of Colorado at Boulder
Is Math Always Math? Modeling Achievement Growth in Multiple Dimensions