Dissertation Fellowships for Research Related to Education

2008 - 2009 Cohort

Fellow Name with Institutional Affiliation and Dissertation Title at Time of Award


Megan Andrew

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cumulative Advantage in the Intergenerational Transmission of Education: Quantity and Qualities

Juan Fernando Carrillo

University of Texas at Austin
So Far From Home: Portraits of Mexican American Scholarships Boys

Ross Emmerson Collin

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Diversifying Portfolios? Schooling, Subjectivities, and Portfolio-Keeping in Times of Transformation

Diana C. D'Amico

New York University
"You Look On Us As Professional People:" New York City Teachers Union, School Administration, Teacher Education Programs and the Creation and Contestation of Professionalism in the Twentieth Century

Christina Lenore Davis

University of Georgia
Reconstruction-Era Pedagogies: A Blueprint for Reconceptualizing Black Learners

Brian Douglas Dick

University of California, Davis
Legitimating String Theory: A Sociological Analysis of a Theory of Everything

Jon N. Hale

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
A Critical Social History of the 1964 Mississippi Freedom School Movement

Jennifer Jennings

Columbia University in the City of New York
The Distributional Consequences of Accountability Systems in Education and Medicine

Michael J. Kieffer

Harvard University
Taking Words Apart to Build Meaning: A Promising Approach to Vocabulary Development for Adolescent English Language Learners

Shervin Malekzadeh

Georgetown University
Ambiguous Spaces: Classrooms and the Politics of Schools and Identity Formation in Postrevolutionary Iran

Isabel Martinez

Teachers College, Columbia University
Chasing the Mexican Immigrant Dream in the Gran Manzana (Big Apple): The Plight on Non-School Going Mexican Immigrant Youth in New York City

Paula Jane McAvoy

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cultural Accommodation in Public Schools: Weighing Competing Values

David Benjamin Miele

Northwestern University
The Motivational Underpinnings of Self-Regulated Learning

Sonia Oliva

University of Illinois at Chicago
Between Brown and Black: Navigating Racial and Spatial Fault Lines in School

Kate L. Phillippo

Stanford University
Small High Schools and Socially Vulnerable Students: The Teachers's Role in Providing Support

Linn E. Posey

University of California, Berkeley
The Politics of Race, Class, and Demographic Change in a City Public School

Joseph Paul Robinson

Stanford University
Does Reclassification Help English Learners? A Quasi-Experiment Using Regression Discontinuity Design

Martín Christian Santos

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Social Relations in Flux: Effects of Dynamic Friendship Networks on Academic Achievement

Judith E. Scott-Clayton

Harvard University
The Blurring Transition From School to Work: What Explains Rising Labor Supply Among U.S. Undergraduates, 1970-2003?

Tesha Sengupta-Irving

Stanford University
In Collaboration: A Case Study of How Group-Based Learning Shapes Participation and Learning Among Ethnic Minority and Female Students in Math

Laurie Sleep

University of Michigan
“What is My Goal in this Lesson?" Knowing and Using Mathematics in Teaching

Benjamin Kyle Smith

University of Chicago
Language and the Development of Selfhood in Aymara Middle Childhood

Herbert Raul Sosa

University of Michigan
Fragmented Diversity: Desegregation, Busing and Public Education in Los Angeles, 1963-1982

Shonte Yvette Stephenson

University of California, Davis
What's School Got To Do With It? An Application of Multilevel Mixture Models to Detecting Sources of Differential Item Functioning at a School Level

Beth Tarasawa

Emory University
Fight or Flight? Immigration, Status Competition, and Language Assistant Resources in Metropolitan Atlanta

Heather Lynn Taylor

University of California, Los Angeles
A School-Based Parent Intervention Program to Improve Student Behavior Problems and the School-Family Relationship During the Transition to Kindergarten

Camille Lorraine Walsh

University of Oregon
Class, Race, and Claiming the Right to Equal Education, 1899-1974

Larisa Warhol

Arizona State University
Native American Language Education as Policy-as Practice: An Interpretive Policy Analysis of the Native American Languages Act of 1990/1992

Timothy J. Williams

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Becoming Men of Letters: The Higher Education of Male Youth in the South, 1795-1861

Aurora Cavallario Wood

Stanford University
Dynamic Stability: Navigating Turbulence for Sustained Improvement in Schools