Dissertation Fellowships for Research Related to Education

2007 - 2008 Cohort 

Fellow Name with Institutional Affiliation and Dissertation Title at Time of Award
Kristen L. Bub

Harvard University
Classroom Supports for Academic Achievement: Testing the Mediating Effect of Social Competence Using Covariance Structure Analysis

Joshua Adam Danish

University of California, Los Angeles
A Representational Practice Based Approach to Teaching K-1 Students the Complex System of Pollination

Tomeka M. Davis

Emory University
Laissez Faire Education Policy: Organization and Equity in School Choice

Ansley T. Erickson

Columbia University in the City of New York
Schooling the Sunbelt: A Political Economy of Education in Nashville, Tennessee, 1950-2000

Francisco Xavier Gaytan

New York University
The Role of Non-relative Adults in Generating Social and Cultural Capital for Mexican Immigrant Youth in New York City

Scott Gelber

Harvard University
The Populist Revolt and Public Higher Education in the United States, 1885-1905

Ashley Conrad Gibb

Indiana University
Individual Differences in Response to Grade Retention: Trajectories of Academic and Behavioral Adjustment

Patricia Haggler

New York University
Remember' the Sabbath: African American Sunday Schools, Education, Activism and Community Building in the South, 1890-1954

Christie Cern Hanzlik-Green

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Building Empires: Education and Nationalism at World's Fairs, 1851 to 1904

Kai Alain Heidemann

University of Pittsburgh
Giving Voice to Language: Minority Language Activism and the Cultural Politics of education in France, 1969-Present

Andrew Robert Highsmith

University of Michigan
America is a Thousand Flints: Race, Class, and the End of the American Dream in Flint, Michigan

Annemarie Horton Hindman

University of Michigan
Partnership Between Parents and Teachers Across the Transition to School: Extent, Nature, and Association with Child Outcomes

Hilary Levey

Princeton University
Playing for Keeps

Jingjing Lou

Indiana University
Identity and Schooling in Northwest China: An Ethnographic Study of Rural Chinese Middle School Students

Sarah Dorothy Manekin

University of Pennsylvania
Spreading the Empire of Free Education, 1865-1920

Natalia Mehlman

Stanford University
Seedbeds of the Culture Wars: Bilingual and Sexuality Education in California, 1968-1978

Avi Ilan Mintz

Teachers College, Columbia University
The Labor of Learning: A Conceptual Analysis of the Role of Pain in Education

Pamela Therese Newkirk

Teachers College, Columbia University
Tuskegee, Achimota and the Negotiation of Black Transcultural Identity

Django Paris

Stanford University
Schooling in the Discursive Borderlands: Perceptions and Negotiations among Latino, African American, and Pacific Islander Youth in a Multiethnic High School

Lara Cristina Perez-Felkner

University of Chicago
Cultivating Mobility Amongst Latinos: A Multi-level Analysis of How Identity and Social Capital Affect Educational Attainment

Robert Anthony Petrone

Michigan State University
Some Boys: A Critical Examination of the Gender Literacy Achievement Gap

Linda Prieto

University of Texas at Austin
La Cultura Cura: Examining the Lives of a Cohort of Latina Bilingual Pre-Service Teachers

Alexandra Margaret Resch

University of Michigan
The Effects of Increased Resources on Disadvantaged Schools

Juan Esteban Saavedra

Harvard University
The Effectiveness of No Child Left Behind's Federal Tutoring Mandate: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Megan Renee Schleppenbach

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
How Do Students from Different Socioeconomic Backgrounds Respond to Mathematics Instruction? An Exploration from Diverse School Settings.

Heather L. Schwartz

Teachers College, Columbia University
The Impacts of an Integrative Housing Program on Public School Students

Sarah Elizabeth Scott

University of Michigan
Knowledge for Teaching Reading Comprehension: Mapping the Terrain

Jennifer Lynn Steele

Harvard University
Do Financial Incentives Attract Academically Talented Teachers to Hard-to-Staff Schools?

Tamara Elaine Wilder

Teachers College, Columbia University
Is Democratic Participation at Risk -- Do Exit Policies Depress Parental Voice?

Zeena Zakharia

Teachers College, Columbia University
Language, Schooling, and the (Re-) Construction of Identity in Lebanon